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Construction Work. We take your blueprint and bring it to life. We frame the house, side it, drywall, paint, furnish, install the plumbing… ok, I’m getting carried away.

XHTML and CSS are the building blocks of a website. The XHTML is like the frame of your house and the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is, in the simplest terms, the interior and exterior design. And just as houses have to be built to code, so that they are safe and sure to last, the sites we construct are built to Web Standards. Web Standards ensure: 1) that your site is more accessible to search engines and to all your visitors and 2) that your site will work with modern and future web technologies (such as web browsers and mobile devices).

We apply our XHTML/CSS Coding services not only to the sites we design, but also to the designs provided by other design firms.

Latest XHTML/CSS Coding Clients

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