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Making Your Home Inviting and Easy to Find. Well, you’ve got a house and a place to put it, but how will people find it? And if they find it, will they want to stay? Saying the right thing can make all the difference.

Search engines rely on your content to find your website. If you have a site dedicated to “widget making techniques,” but you never mention any of the keywords related to and including “widgets” or “techniques,” there’s a good chance no one is going to find your site via Google or any other search engine.

However, making your site easy to find is only half the battle. If your content isn’t web-friendly — simple, scannable, concise — and doesn’t answer your visitors’ questions or solve their problems, they’re not going to stick around and you’ll have lost a potential client/customer.

We can help you create content that is useful, factual, and fresh by editing the content you already have or writing brand new copy geared to your audience.

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