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Template Modification

The Prefab Fixer-Upper. Instead of building your home from the ground up, you buy one that’s already been framed and sided. Then we come in, change some of the wall colours and move in your furniture.

A template website is built from a pre-made stock design that is available to anyone on the internet. Template websites are generally best for non-profits, small businesses, or individuals who only need the online equivalent of a brochure or who are just starting out and don’t have the budget for a custom website. Templates can be a more affordable option because we don’t need to design the site from scratch and the initial coding has often already been done.

The downside to a template is that your site may look the same or similar to a site belonging to someone else. However, we can make changes to a template you’ve chosen, inserting your logo, swapping graphics, and setting fonts and colours to match your identity.

Where To Find Templates

We often recommend that clients use free, open source templates instead of purchasing commercial templates. You can find quality free templates on the following sites:

If you can’t find a suitable free template at one of the above sites, then we recommend purchasing one from Theme Forest.

Cost Estimate*

Template Website Hosting Domain
Up to 5 pages. One year of hosting for your site. One year domain registration.
$500** $60 $20

* Prices do not include GST.

** Additional work will be charged at $50-$95/hr for graphic design and web development, $35 for each additional page, and $0.40/word for writing and editing.

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