Shadow Box Creative Media


Building a website is kind of like building a house...

1. Custom Website Design

The Blueprint Phase. This is where we’re the architects. You tell us how big you want your house, what you want it to look like, and we deliver the blueprint and model.

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2. XHTML/CSS Coding

Construction Work. We take your blueprint and bring it to life. We frame the house, side it, drywall, paint, furnish, install the plumbing… ok, I’m getting carried away.

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3. Template Modification

The Prefab Fixer-Upper. Instead of building your home from the ground up, you buy one that’s already been framed and sided. Then we come in, change some of the wall colours and move in your furniture.

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4. Website Maintenance

We-Do-It-For-You Home Maintenance. To keep your house up-to-date, it has to be maintained. We’ll come in and spruce things up for you.

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5. Content Management System

Do-It-Yourself Home Maintenance. We give you the tools to keep your house up-to-date.

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6. Training

Teaching You How to Do-It-Yourself. Tools aren’t any good if you don’t know how to use them.

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7. Website Hosting

A Plot of Land for Your House. Having a house is great, but where are you going to put it? Don’t worry, we’ve got an empty lot with your (domain) name written all over it.

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8. Writing/Editing

Making Your Home Inviting and Easy to Find. Well, you’ve got a house and a place to put it, but how will people find it? And if they find it, will they want to stay? Saying the right thing can make all the difference.

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