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Mac Gaming
December 03, 2008

Mac Gaming

You’d think being a Mac owner and a fan of PC video games might somehow conflict with each other — especially when said Mac is the sole platform in my house on which to play games. But, with Boot Camp, a Mac will run Windows just as well as any PC. However, Macs, and the iMac in particular, aren’t really made for gaming and don’t have top-of-the-line gaming hardware installed, so it’s often a bit of a crapshoot knowing which games they will run well. In an effort to better document how games play on the Mac, we’ve launched Mac Gaming, a site that shares the settings we’ve used to get the most out of the games we play. Will a certain game run on your Mac? Visit the site and find out.

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New Logo. New Website.
October 27, 2008

Shadow Box has changed. Our logo and website, that is. And our focus.

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We’ve Refreshed the Gleichen Website
September 02, 2008

Hamlet of Gleichen

We’ve updated the Gleichen website, making some design tweaks, updating the content, and putting everything on top of the wonderful ExpressionEngine content management system (CMS). Specifically, we’ve added more businesses to the directory (if your business isn’t there, let us know — listings are free), created a new Services and Utilities page, and brought back the events calendar. Also, since the site is now running on top of a CMS, community members can add news and events themselves.

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Shastri Website Goes Live
July 25, 2008

Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute

Our largest project to date has just launched: the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute website. Six months in the making, the site is a complete overhaul of Shastri’s old site. Built on top of ExpressionEngine, the site features an all new design, a news section, event calendar, forums, experts database, institutional repository, newsletter archive, and tons more. On top of that, the site is available in both English and French. Many thanks to Sarah Hawkins at Shastri for being incredible to work with, to Joslin for the great design, and to Renate Preuss for adding content and bug testing.

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One More for the Road… Agriteam Canada Website Goes Live
May 30, 2008

Agriteam Canada

One last project before we head on our honeymoon trip to the UK….

Congratulations to Agriteam Canada, whose new website just went live. As always, it was awesome to work with Kiley Turner at Turner-Riggs, Monique Trottier at Boxcar Marketing, and Joslin Green at Player Industries. Coding websites wouldn’t be half as much fun without such great projects and people to work with.

See you all in July!

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Purely Inspired Website Launches
March 18, 2008

Purely Inspired - Kelsey Yule Academy of Beauty

We’re delighted to introduce the new website for Purely Inspired – Kelsey Yule Academy of Beauty.

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BC Book Prizes Website Launches
March 06, 2008

BC Book Prizes

I’m happy to announce the launch of the newly redesigned BC Book Prizes website. Thank you to Monique Trottier at Work Industries for bringing Shadow Box on board to code and program the site, and kudos to Joslin Green at Player Industries for the great new design.

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January 31, 2008

Our poetry book review e-zine just turned two, and we’ve given it a face-lift, installing a new theme and adding some fresh content.

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Rubicon Press Website Launches
January 07, 2008

Rubicon Press

We’re back from holidays and happy to announce the launch of our second BiblioFile project: Rubicon Press.

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Plate It Up Site Launches
October 19, 2007

Plate It Up

Congrats to Plate It Up, the fresh meal market, on launching their new site. Thanks to Joslin at Player Industries for giving us such a delicious design to code.

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