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[DirectAdmin] Spam Blocking with SpamAssassin
November 19, 2008

This tutorial walks clients through setting up SpamAssassin in the DirectAdmin control panel, enabling better spam filtering on their email accounts.

Log in to the control panel

Go to your hosting control panel. e.g., and enter your hosting account username and password.

Click on Email Menu

Click on SpamAssassin

Change Settings to Your Preference

1) Choose where you want the spam to go. Use either option 1 or 4.
2) Set the score threshold. I use 3.0 on my own account.
3) Leave as default.
4) Choose how Spam should be flagged. Useful only if you choose spam to go to your inbox because it lets you see if a legitimate email has been tagged as spam.
5) Leave as default.
6) Add addresses to the Blacklist -- these are addresses you know are spammers and want to block as spam.
7) Add addresses to the Whitelist -- these are addresses you know are legitimate and don't want to block.
8) Click on Save to save your changes and enable SpamAssassin.

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