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[DirectAdmin] Setting Up an Email Account
October 31, 2008

Our hosting packages use DirectAdmin. This lesson provides information on how to set up a new email address in the DirectAdmin control panel.

Log into Your DirectAdmin Control Panel

Go to: and enter your account username and password. (Replace with your own web address.)

Follow the Links to the Account Creation Page

Click on Email Menu

Click on E-Mail Accounts

Click on Create POP3 Mail Account

Create a New Username and Password

1) Enter the username
2) Create a password (or use the Random button to have one generated)
3) Re-Enter the Password
4) [optional] Set an Email Quota in megabytes (i.e., set how much space the email account can take up; this will be dependent upon your hosting account)
5) Click Create

Copy the Details

The details provided will let you either set up the email account in an email program (such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Apple Mail, or Thunderbird) or view your email via webmail. To access webmail, go to: or and enter the username and password listed.

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